LIFE-Moms Consortium and Site Synopses

Consortium and All Site Synopses [Click Here]

Lifestyle Interventions for Expectant Moms (LIFE-Moms)

Consortium Synopsis: [Click Here]

Site 1 – California Polytechnic Institute State University & Brown University

Healthy Beginnings

Principal Investigator: Suzanne Phelan, PhD

Brown Site Principal Investigator: Rena Wing, PhD

Synopsis: [Click Here] - NCT01545934 (not recruiting participants)

Site 2 – Columbia University & Mt. Sinai-Roosevelt Hospital

LIFT - Lifestyle Intervention for Two

Co-Principal Investigators: Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD, MPH and Dympna Gallagher, EdD

Synopsis: [Click Here] - NCT01616147 (not recruiting participants)

Site 3 – University of Puerto Rico

Pregnancy and EARly Lifestyle improvement Study (PEARLS)

Co-Principal Investigators: Kaumudi Joshipura, BDS, MS, ScD and Paul W. Franks, PhD

Synopsis: [Click Here] - NCT01771133 (not recruiting participants)

Site 4 – Northwestern University

Maternal-Offspring Metabolics: Family Intervention Trial (MOMFIT)

Co-Principal Investigators: Alan Peaceman, MD and Linda Van Horn, PhD, RD

Synopsis: [Click Here] - NCT01631747 (not recruiting participants)

Site 5 – Washington University in St. Louis

Weight Management in Obese Pregnant Underserved African American Women

Co-Principal Investigators: Sam Klein, MD, and Debra Haire-Joshu, PhD, and Alison Cahill, MD

Synopsis: [Click Here] - NCT01768793 (not recruiting participants)

Site 6 – Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Expecting Success: Personalized Management of Body Weight during Pregnancy                        

Principal Investigator: Leanne Redman, PhD

Synopsis: [Click Here] - NCT01610752 (not recruiting participants)

Site 7 – NIDDK-Phoenix Indian Medical Center


Principal Investigator: William Knowler, MD, DrPH

Synopsis: [Click Here] - NCT01812694 (not recruiting participants)